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About Us

It was back in 2009 that Lulu Deng, newly arrived in Guangzhou together with her boyfriend John, began to selling gemstones as her first job.

Two years later, Lulu started her own business,  running a small gemstone factory to produce and sell different kinds of gemstones in Panyu .

Lulu and John got married in 2012, and then they had a daughter, named Fay.

Little Fay loves different kinds of accessories, including her mother's jewelry.

Lulu also found it was very interesting to design and match jewelry for her friends and customers.

So with the help of family, Lulu entered on jewelry business in 2015, and named the company Fay Jewelry, her daughter's name.

Excellence, care and trust are important values to our Fay Jewelry.

So we always create the best jewelry with the fine gemstones, diamond and materials for customers from the beginning.

Of course, the most beautiful gemstones and best materials are nothing without great design and impeccable craftsmanship.

We have a dedicated, experienced and creative team who can create the most exquisite, unique pieces for any occasion.

This is a job which requires great expertise and passion.

We've maintained our superb customer service and kept the sight of our main focus: Create beautiful jewelry for everyone.

We are Fay. And we are here for you.

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