Gemstone Cutting Shapes


There are many cutting shapes for gemstones. Let us introduce them to you now.



  This shape has set the standard for all other diamond shapes and accounts for more than 75% of diamonds sold today. Its 58-facet cut is calibrated through a precise formula to achieve the maximum in fire and brilliance.



  This is a square or rectangular cut with numerous sparkling facets. It is a relatively new cut and often finds its way into solitaire engagement rings. Flattering to a hand with long fingers, it is often embellished with triangular stones at its sides.



  This is a rectangular shape with cut corners. It is known as a step cut because its concentric broad, flat planes resemble stair steps.



 This is an even, perfectly symmetrical design popular among women with small hands or short fingers. Its elongated shape gives a flattering illusion of length to the hand.



  This hybrid cut, combining the best of the oval and the marquise, is shaped most like a sparkling teardrop. It also belongs to that category of diamond whose design most complements a hand with small or average - length fingers. It is particularly beautiful for pendants or earrings.



  The cushion - cut is a deep cut with large facets, an open bottom and rounded corners. The depth of this cut encourages the eye to travel around the inside the stone. The facets create a high degree of returning light, making the cushion - cut one of the most brilliant and sparkling diamond cuts.



  This ultimate symbol of romance is essentially a pear - shaped diamond with a cleft at the top. The skill of the cutter determines the beauty of the cut. Look for a stone with an even shape and a well - defined outline.


Trillion / Trilliant

 Trilliant - cut gemstones are triangular shaped stones usually based on the brilliant cut, hence the name. The basic trilliant design has 43 facets, but modern variations may have 50 or more facets. Because of their equilateral form, trilliants return substantial light and color to the eye. Trilliants are considered nearly as brilliant as round cuts, so are a good choice for buyers who like brilliance but want something other than round.



  This is a modification to the gemstone face that creates a highly polished, convex - cut, unfaceted gem that is smooth to the touch.


Which one is your favorite gemstone shape for your jewelry

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