November Birthstone--Topaz


   Topaz is the birthstone for November. 

   Blue topaz is the accepted anniversary gemstone for the 4th year. Imperial topaz is for the 23rd year of marriage.  Most people think of topaz as a transparent golden yellow gemstone.  However, There are so many colors of topaz. This gemstone occurs colorless as well as orange yellow, red, honey-brown, light green, blue and pink. 

   The name topaz was derived from the Greek word to shineand also implies fire". Orange Red imperialtopaz and pink colors are most valuable.

   The lore, magic and romance of topaz goes back many thousand of years. It holds the distinction of being the gemstone with the widest range of curative powers. The Greeks felt it gave them strength. In addition, it supposedly cooled tempers, restored sanity, cured asthma, relieved insomnia, and even warded of sudden death. Topaz is said to make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. It proved the loyalty of associates by changing color in the presence of poison.

   As part of the normal fashion process, most brownish to sherry brown topaz are heated to produce a permanent pink color. Certain types of topaz are irradiated and heated to produce shades of blue, which is also popular in the youth market.

  Topaz is found mainly in Brazil, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka.

  We can set this beautiful gemstone on the customized semi mount jewelry for you.


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