Birthstone in September---Sapphire


Sapphire is the September birthstone as well as the accepted anniversary gem for the 5th and 45th years of marriage .

Sapphire , a variety of corundum , comes in all colors except red ( the red variety being known as ruby ), but is especially popular in deep blue . Fancy colored sapphires - including pink , green , orange and golden yellow - are magnificent when combined in a necklace or bracelet .

Prince Charles chose a blue sapphire for Princess Diana ' s engagement ring . The stone ' s durability , combined with its beauty , makes it the perfect alternative for an engagement ring .

Ancient priests and honored sapphire above all gems , for this stone interpret oracles and foretell the future . Ancients believed the Ten Commandments were written on a sapphire tablet . Marriage partners put great faith in the stone . If its luster dimmed , one knew his or her spouse had been unfaithful . Sapphire refused to shine when worn by the wicked or impure .

As part of the customary fashioning process , virtually all blue , yellow and golden sapphires are heated to permanently produce or intensify their color .

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