The Opportunities of Colored Gemstones in Covid-Endemic Situation


Sales of colored gemstones over the last few years have increased largely, driven by emerging markets and an increasing awareness by consumers of the beauty and variety offered by gems of color.  

While the last two years of covid has brought significant changes to the jewelry sector, the industry is moving forward with remarkable ingenuity.

Favored Gems of Color

The Big Three-- emeralds, sapphires and rubies-- will continue to be best sellers in 2022. But many other beautiful gemstones are not far behind. Rising in prominence among this vast selection is Paraiba tourmaline. Aquamarine is becoming more sought after, as well as pink tourmaline, inmarkets of theUS and the Middle East. Spinel, tanzanite and indicolite, as well as amethyst,are appreciated in US and Europe.

It isno surprise that the Big Three dominate sales, along with colored diamonds,and that prices have risendramatically. There is alsogreater demand for soft colors, such as in kunzite and light amethyst, as well as pale yellow and pink sapphires.

Promising Signs

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused serious disruptions in global supply chains, which are still being felt to this day. Restrictions continue to hamper travel between some countries, with negative consequences particularly for Africa. Although artisanal and small-scale miners were able to work, there were few international buyers. Even when large scale mines reopened after the lockdown, they faceddifficulties due to travel restraints and logistical problems.

Today, fewer travel restrictions and some re-linking of supply chains indicates signs of recovery.

During this past December and January, they were overwhelmed with demand for colored stone jewelry and loose gemstones. Colored gems will still be strong this year, noting that millennials are increasingly turning their attention towards colored gemstones for engagement rings.


NewShapes New Uses

Color is an important aspect of any gem purchase, but custom carvings are on the rise. There is a growing movement towards modem art jewelry, exemplified by unusual cuts and colors.

Jeweler uselow-quality colored gems to make beautiful works of art in Southeast Asia.Miners are able to get a regular income from the low-quality stones, thus allowing them to continue searching for quality gems. Jobs are created all around thus helping to eliminate poverty.

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