Types of Ring Settings


There are many types of ring setting, you can choose the designs you are interested in.


Use of four or six metal projections or tines, called prongs, to secure a gemstone to a piece of jewelry. A common setting for diamond engagement rings, which allows light to strike a gemstone from more angles, increasing its brilliance.



Surround the stone with a band of metal, fully or partially. Settings where only part of the stone's outer edge is held by a metal band are referred to as partial bezel settings.


As the name suggests, hold stones in a channel made in the ring's band. They are popular for wedding bands and stackable rings that feature smaller stones without a center stone.



Hold the stone in a metal framework that is underneath the stone and is not visible from the top of the ring. It’s a difficult setting type which creates the illusion of larger diamonds.



Gemstones into a drilled hole in the band of the ring at specific points as in stations.



A ring in which the gemstone is held in place by pressure, suspended between the two sides of the shank. They reflect more light, offering more brilliance and sparkle.


A setting that consists of a lot of small gemstones attached to the jewelry by droplets of metal. The surface looks like it has been paved with diamonds or other stones.



Gemstone or diamond held by metal arching prongs that go up to its girdle, this adds extra height and make the center stone appear larger. These prongs often resemble the graceful arches of the traditional European cathedrals.



Channel-set rings where the stones inside are all set in a row, with no brackets in between.




A ring featuring a central diamond or gemstone framed by many smaller diamonds or gemstones. If the center and accent stones are two assorted colors, it draws more focus towards the center stone and makes it look larger.



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