Bridal and Engagement Ring Trends


Bridal and Engagement Ring Trends

According to the survey, the most popular proposal date of the year is October and before the Spring Festival in China,  and December 25th in US.  While the holiday selling season is coming , please don’t forget to get those modern engagement rings that are following this year’s bridal trends.

Staying on top of what today’s bride wants is very important for making the sale.
Let’s take a look at these bridal and engagement ring trends.

Trend 1: The Classic Bride

The Classic Bride looks for a simple and elegant bridal stack that stands the test of time. Brides that love this style are looking for a timeless solitaire wedding band. This is the kind of trend that won’t be going away anytime soon and will appeal to many brides.

Trend 2: The New Art Deco

The bride that wants this Art Deco style engagement rings has an appreciation for design and uniqueness. Pair engagement rings with bands that extend and complement the design for a cohesive stack.

Trend 3: The Cottagecore Queen

This trend pulls on nature inspirations to symbolize growth and simplicity. Combine rings with scrollwork and features that mimic florals for the bride wanting to live in her fantasy!

Trend 4: The Celestial Vision

You might have noticed younger consumers in the market have a fascination with the cosmos, astrology, and all things space. This trend appeals to that interest and uses elements that bring romance from above, such as star, moons, and sun. Pair rings inspired by this aesthetic for the bride that admires something larger than this world.

Trend 5: The Frame Design

Chains, lines, and frame symbolize the strength and stability many look for in a partner. Rings that reflect these values will show patterns and shapes that align together for the perfect bridal stack story.

Which one are you interested in?

We are happy to be your bridal business partner and look forward to serving you in preparation for upcoming holiday proposals.
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