Tourmaline Color Story


No matter the gemstone you’re going for, tourmaline likely has what you need. 

Tourmaline has clean lines, elongated crystals, and many colors, which are just what you need for eye-catching, vivid center stones.


Colorful Tourmaline Gemstones

Tourmaline has one of the largest color ranges in the gemstones, so it is a great choice for an alternative color option. 

Tourmaline has all the colors of the rainbow and offers some gorgeous colors.  

Tourmaline gemstones are found on every area of the world, although the most beautiful ones is from South America and Africa. 

No matter where it’s from, the quality of tourmaline is based on its overall appearance, and each color has a different charming.


Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba should be bright and lively with a crisp patina of copper color. 

It can range anywhere from a turquoise blue to a radiant green and many shades in-between.

Perhaps most famous of all hues for tourmaline is pink — October birthstone. 

From deep and broody to bright and cheerful, pink tourmaline offers the end consumer a plethora of colors that will fit even the pickiest of tastes.


Rubellite Tourmaline

Rubellite, the trade name for red tourmaline, includes purplish-red, orangey-red, and brownish-red color. 

As their name suggests, Rubellite tourmaline is the red variety.  

Indicolite Tourmaline

If pink is the most well-known color of tourmaline, blue is likely the least. Indicolite tourmaline comes in some pretty interesting shades, from true navy to intense teal.


Watermelon and bi-, tri-, and quad-color tourmaline are the oddballs of the tourmaline family, blending colors in striking and unusual ways. Watermelon tourmaline is generally seen in slices that show the green outer rim with a spirited pink center. Bi, tri, and quad colors are just that: stones that show multiple colors within a single stone and are often found in many shapes and cutting styles. I hope tourmaline gemstones will become your new inspiration, too.

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