Six Best Gemstones for Engagement Rings


Do you know what are the best gemstones for engagement rings?  Here are six best choices weve selected based on popularity, durability, and visual appeal. I hope you can find the favorite ring for bridal.


The diamond engagement ring is the classic and eternal symbol of love and commitment used by lovers for many years.  With a diamond’s durability and sparkle, it really is an ideal choice for any engagement ring style.

However, the past few years have seen the modern bride wanting even more options that come with a pop of color and wider flexibility on price range.



Moissanite is quickly becoming the most popular diamond alternative in bridal and fine jewelry. This lab grown gemstone has twice the sparkle of diamond, because it has double refraction index than a diamond. Not only are there several shapes and sizes imaginable, but there are also several types of colored moissanite.  Beyond the visual attractiveness of Moissanite, it is also extremely durable and perfect for everyday wear. Of course , its price is  also very attractive for couples.



Sapphire has iconic deep blue hue, but there are also other colors of Sapphire, such as pink, yellow, and orange. We are seeing Sapphire not only being used as a center stone, but also as a popular option for accent stones. Sapphire is very durable and romantic, which makes it an ideal gemstone for engagement rings.



Ruby also belongs to the corundum family and is in fact the name for red sapphire.

Ruby has richness and intensity of its colour. The best rubies display a colour described as pigeon’s blood.

Ruby belongs to the same mineral family as Sapphire, which means that it has the same durability virtues. So it is also a nice choice for engagement ring.



Over the years, people mistake for Spinel is Ruby due to its bright red hue. However, Spinel can also have a stunning blue color as well as vivid pinks and oranges. Spinel's largest benefit is its acceptable price point.  It can be a showstopping colored engagement ring.




Tourmaline has so many colors, hue, and intensity imaginable, but the most popular are its pinks and greens, even dual-color or tri-color. Although tourmaline is not the most durable gemstone in our list of engagement rings, but what it lacks in durability is made up for in color range.  So you can wear it and become a charming bridal in your engagement party.

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