The Charm of Platinum Jewelry


People want jewelry they can wear day after day, but they also want the jeweley they can leave behind to a loved one.  

That’s a huge demand for a piece of jewelry, but with a precious material like platinum, it is absolutely possible.   

Although platinum has only been used in jewelry for less than 300 years, it has already proven to be the first choice when it comes to heirloom-quality jewelry.

Why platinum is a prime choice?

Platinum’s unique qualities, like purity, rarity, exceptional durability and naturally white color is catching people's eyes.

1.   Superior Durability
One of the key benefits of platinum is its durability. Because the dense of platinum metal alloys is very high, it has the ability to withstand everything daily wear has to throw. That’s why platinum is the metal most trusted to secure stones.

2. Naturally White Color
Naturally white means that no other metals are combined with platinum to give it a charming white color. By contrast, white gold is created by combining white metals with yellow gold and plating it with rhodium.  Over the years, the plating will fade and begin to show a yellow tone. Platinum’s natural white hue will never fade. 

3.   Timeless Charm

Over time, platinum can develop a satiny finish on its surface called patina.  There is a significant visual appeal to platinum’s patina and many people do not polish it away in order to keep its charming.

4.  Pure Metal Composition

Platinum alloys used in jewelry are 90%-95% pure platinum.  Not only does this density of platinum is helpful for the strength and durability of the metal, but it also makes the metal hypoallergenic.  Many customers are worried about the jewelry they wear because of skin sensitivities to some metals.  That is never a problem when wearing platinum jewelry.

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