Small Stones Settings


Small stones settings make the gems look larger than they actually are . Since smaller gems both weigh less and cost less per carat , this is an affordable way to get additional sparkle for your budget .

Flower Heads

Some settings are designed to resemble roses or buttercups . These settings do wonders for highlighting small gems . They are usually found in earring and pendants

Cluster Settings

Cluster setting come a variety of shapes , with anywhere from three to a dozen stones .  They are used in almost every type of jewelry . They found on rings , make earring heads , dangles , etc .

Illusion Settings

An illusion setting allows a small gem fit a larger setting .

Bar Settings

Bar settings are usually made of platinum or white gold . The shiny , angled surfaces enhance the gem as well as making it appear larger . They are used mostly in men ' s rings .

Other Settings

Some settings are actually techniques , rather than components .

Channel Settings

Channel settings align several gems in a row . The channels are cut length wise in the ring .         The stones are placed in channels , which overlap their edges .

While beautiful , they are prone to loosing gems . Lifting a heavy suitcase can cause enough bend in a ring for the stones to pop out . If you chose a channel setting , make sure it has substantial metal both in the band and around the stones .

Pave Setting

Pave Setting means to pave , as in laying cobblestones close together . This is one of the most difficult gem setting techniques and only the best goldsmiths can do it well . First , holes are drilled that are just slightly smaller than the diameter of the stones girdles . The stones are laid in place then , with a V shaped chisel , a small prong of gold Is raised and pressed over the girdle of the gem . When done properly , light will reflect off all the tables in a row simultaneously .

Gypsy Setting

This is an ancient technique . A simple ring is cast , and then the excess metal is cut away , leaving a setting for the stone .

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