Necklaces Jewelry


Some necklaces are made of chain , others are composed of pearls or beads strung on a cord . Still others are made from a variety of pieces linked together .Some neck pieces are made from a single , solid piece of gold or silver . These are called neck rings .


Chains are described by three factors . The metal they are made from , the style , and width .



Pearls are the most popular ingredients for strung necklaces . Beads are made from gemstones , metal , glass , wood , and shell . Beads are described by the material they are made from , their shape , and size .

Metal Beads

Beads are also made of precious metals . Some are solid , others are plated or filled .  Spacer beads come plain or textured . Others are quite fancy and are used as the primary beads , or centerpieces .


Unless tied together , necklaces are joined by clasps . There are nearly as many styles of clasps as there are necklaces . The size and quality should compliment the necklace .

Fine jewelry will have fancy clasps . Many incorporate filigree and some even have precious gems .

The strongest type clasp is a lobster claw . They have massive amounts of gold for maximum strength .


Some necklaces have a fancy metal centerpiece . This is called a festoon . They can be merely decorative , or be set with gems .


Pendants are items that hang from a chain or beaded necklace . They may hold gems , or be decorative objects in themselves .

Others pendants are called " slides ." These are accents that go on chains . As the name implies , they are free to slide from side to side as the chain moves .

Some pendants are centerpieces in themselves . They come in the shape of religious symbols , or simply decorative designs . Small pendants are called charms . They are most often used on bracelets and occasionally used on necklaces .


The part of the pendant that goes over the chain is the bail . If it has two loops , it is a " rabbit ear ." Most bails are attached to a metal pendant , but some connect directly to a stone .          

Bell Caps

Bell caps are similar to bails . They glue on the end of a crystal .

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