Ear Jewelry


Most ear decorations are worn on the lobe .  They can either go through a pieced ear lobe , or attach to it by pressure .  People without pierced ears use clip on or screw on earrings . They are nearly as versatile as pierced earrings .  The front can be plain or decorated and many have a loop for a dangle accent .

Wire Earrings

There are many types of earrings for pierced ears .  Kidney wires are simple pieces made from bent wire .  French wires and shepherd hooks are the same thing .  They are also made from wire , but are not closed like a kidney wire .  All of them use loops to add decorations .

Post Earrings

Post earrings are very common .  They may have a setting on the end , or a simple ball . Any of these can have a ring added for a dangle accent .  There are special posts for pearls . They feature a grooved pin that glues into the pearl and a cup to hold the gem .


Post earrings are held by a clutch or nut .  Clutches work by friction , nuts screw on . Most ear backs are the same metal as the earring , but some put a soft plastic pad against the ear .

Ear Bands

Another form of ear jewelry is ear bands .  They are pieces of metal that wrap around ear .

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