Setting of the ring setting


A perfect diamond ring, not only the diamond is big enough and sparkling, but also the right setting style and reasonable price are also very important. If the diamond is the core of the diamond ring, then the setting is the face of the diamond ring.
There are various ways of setting the ring setting, such as claw setting, bezel setting, clip setting, surrounding setting, etc. The most common are claw setting and surrounding setting, which can effectively set off the fire of diamonds.

1. Claw setting
The prong setting is a setting method in which the metal claws firmly grasp the diamond. The claws can be rounded, sharp, V-shaped or heart-shaped, etc. The most well-known prong-set diamond rings are the classic four-prong and classic six-prong.
18K Gold Halo Engagement Ring Setting
A diamond ring with four prongs blocks relatively less area of the diamond, allowing more light to shine inside the diamond, showing brilliance.
The diamond ring with six-claw inlay effect can give the diamond more security because of the two more claws. In addition, because the main diamond is raised, the diamond ring will be more three-dimensional after getting started.

2. Surrounding

As the name implies, the encircling setting is to surround the center stone with a large carat number with a small diamond. The whole looks like a larger diamond, and the diamond display effect is great, which perfectly highlights the brilliant brilliance of the diamond.

Halo Diamond Custom Ring Setting

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