What kind of material can a 50-point diamond be used for?


Generally, the most common materials for diamond ring settings on the market are 18K gold or platinum in different colors. Of course, there are also gold inlaid diamonds with small carats, but you should pay more attention when wearing them. So today let's take a 50-point diamond ring as an example to talk about the material of the ring setting.
Because diamonds are relatively hard, the hardness can reach 10. Therefore, with such hardness, it is not suitable to use soft metals such as gold and silver for bezel setting or ring setting material, which will easily drop diamonds during wearing. Especially now that diamond customization is very common, customers can customize their own diamond ring effects according to their own preferences and ideas, and the most common is to use 18K gold or platinum (Pt900 or Pt950) as the ring setting. The 18K color is rich (white, yellow, rose) and mature craftsmanship, which can better fulfill the design requirements. Although platinum does not have as many choices as 18K gold, the snow-white metallic luster of platinum symbolizes pure and sacred love and is also loved by everyone. So if you want something special, what other materials can you choose? Palladium has been very popular in recent years, and it is also a good choice, and its hardness is slightly harder than platinum.
In terms of maintenance, in order not to lose luster for a long time, these precious metal-encrusted diamond rings need to be careful to avoid contact with irritating chemicals, avoid heavy hits and other bumps, so as to protect the diamond on the one hand (also not heavy hits, high hardness and high hardness) brittle) on the one hand, it can also protect the precious metal setting.

Now diamond customization is very common. When you choose a style, you must pay attention: in addition to choosing the above-mentioned precious metals as ring settings, you should also pay attention to the style of diamond inlay. Because it seems to be related to the effect of the finished product, but it has nothing to do with the size of the main diamond, be sure not to choose a more risky setting style (such as two-claw setting, etc.).

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