Reasons for yellowing of diamond ring settings


If your diamond ring is 18k gold, it is normal for the setting to turn yellow, as long as it is cleaned and maintained. However, it is a bit troublesome to clean and maintain it in the store. Is there a way to restore the diamond ring to new condition without damaging the ring setting

1. The reasons for the yellowing of the diamond ring setting Before introducing the cleaning techniques, we must first tell you the reasons for the yellowing of the ring setting. At present, the diamond ring settings on the market are generally divided into two materials: platinum and K gold. The reasons for the two types of blondes are different, and the way to wash them is also different. 1. Reasons for K-Blonde Gold K-gold refers to an "alloy" made of gold fused with other metals. The K gold ranges from 14K gold with a gold content of 58.5% to 18K gold with a gold content of 75%. The higher 24K gold has reached the level of full gold, and the gold content is basically above 95%. Generally speaking, 18K gold is used as a diamond ring setting. In addition, K gold is also called colorful gold because it has very rich colors, such as K yellow, K white, rose gold and even black gold, etc. But in this one, except for K gold, which is the natural color, most of the other colors are based on K gold, and then plated with other metals to show different colors. For example, 18K white gold is a white mixed metal composed of 75% gold + 25% titanium, silver, nickel, rhodium, copper and other metals on the outside. The surface coating of these outer plated metals will be worn off after long-term wear, and the original white yellow gold will naturally be exposed. 

2. Reasons for platinum yellowing Platinum is a relatively rare metal in nature. Its color is white, and its properties are very stable. It is not affected by external conditions and causes its own discoloration. If your platinum ring is yellowing, think back to whether you often wear platinum and gold rings together. Most of the reason is that when the two rings rub against each other, the gold color rubs against the platinum, causing the platinum to turn yellow.

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