How to care for pearls


Pearl jewelry has always been loved by young ladies because of the beautiful color of pearls, and the meaning of pearls that symbolize purity and health. Often used as pearl bracelets or necklaces and earrings, it displays a unique and gorgeous beauty. However, pearl jewelry, as a calcium carbonate substance, is very vulnerable to damage and has very low chemical stability, so special attention should be paid to the maintenance of pearl jewelry.

Maintenance of pearl jewelry
1. Avoid acidic and alkaline substances
In order to avoid rapid yellowing and tarnishing of pearls, it is the key to avoid encountering acidic and alkaline substances. In daily life, do not wear makeup when wearing pearl jewelry, because when applying cosmetics, it is inevitable to encounter pearls. Jewelry, it is easy to cause pearl jewelry to lose luster or turn yellow.
In addition, substances such as perfume, soap, and gel water should not be touched, because these will also react with pearl jewelry.

2. Avoid water
Many people think that pearls are the product of mussels, and mussels live in water. They think that pearls should be able to soak in water. In fact, this is wrong. There are two situations when pearl jewelry is soaked in water. The first is that water can enter the small holes of the beads, which is not only difficult to wipe dry, but may also ferment the inside, and the beads may turn green. Second, if moisture penetrates into the pearl jewelry, it will cause the detachment of the pearl nacre and damage the pearl.

3. Oil smoke
When wearing pearl jewelry, you can't touch the oil fumes, because there are tiny pores on the surface of the pearls. If the oil fumes are inhaled into these small pores, the pearls will turn yellow, so the oil fumes are forbidden to be touched.

4. Pay attention to storage
When wearing pearl jewelry, do not put it together with other jewelry, because the surface of the pearl is easily scratched, and it is prone to friction when it is placed with other jewelry, resulting in many scratches on the surface of the pearl.

5. Air is needed
If you do not wear pearl jewelry for storage, you also need to take out the pearl jewelry from the box regularly, and it cannot be sealed for a long time, because the pearl jewelry also needs to breathe fresh air, so as not to accelerate the yellowing.

6. Do not expose to the sun
It is the 4% moisture in the pearl that makes the pearl shine. If the pearl loses its moisture due to exposure to the sun, the pearl will also lose its value, so it cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time.
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