How to choose a ring setting


The choice of ring setting should combine the following three aspects.

Diamond Semi Mounts

1. The firmness of the diamond
In general prong-set styles, the firmness of the diamonds is relatively stable. For example, six claws and four claws, the firmness of six claws is naturally slightly better. And the four-claw only
There is a loose anchor point, and the diamond can easily fall off. So if you are more worried about the falling off of the diamond, it is best to choose a six-prong ring setting or a bezel setting.
The bezel setting is the strongest style.
2. Drilling degree
Usually, the style of the prong setting is more diamond-like, because there are few fixed points, and the ring setting rarely blocks the diamond, so the sparkle of the diamond can be clearly displayed. Card style can
Brings out the sparkle and size of the diamond well. However, you should also consider the firmness of the diamond when choosing.
3. Suitable for hand
No matter how fashionable and shiny the style of the diamond ring setting is, it should also be suitable for the shape of your hand in order to fully reflect the value of the diamond ring. The fingers are slender, suitable for choosing simple and large
Square prong setting style; those with short and thick fingers are suitable for choosing a simple and slender style. No matter what style of ring setting you choose, it must fit your hand shape.

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