Gem jewelry maintenance tips


Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, topaz (topaz) and other gemstones are hard in texture and can withstand greater pressure, but they cannot withstand beating and knocking, otherwise they will collapse due to brittleness, or due to cleavage And along the cleavage direction to produce cracks, or even fragmentation. Remember that even the hardest diamonds can't withstand impact.

There was dust on the gem-set ring, mostly under it. Roll a piece of cotton with a toothpick or match, moisten it in toilet water, glycerin, or a mixture of magnesium chloride and ammonia to scrub the stone and its frame, then use a flannel to polish the ring. Never clean the gem and its frame with sharp objects.

If it is gold inlaid jewelry, you can add neutral soap in warm water, first soak the jewelry in water, rinse gently for a while, and then wipe it with a soft cloth or tissue paper to achieve the purpose.

Many gemstones inlaid on jewelry are easily discolored by high temperature or prolonged exposure to sunlight; some contact with acid and alkali solutions will also cause discoloration, or even dissolve due to erosion.

Pure gold, karat gold, platinum or silver loose gemstone jewelry, to develop the habit of handling with care. If it is gem-set jewelry, try to avoid impact and friction to prevent cracking or tarnishing of the surface.

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