Introduction of gem setting method


With the development of handicraft skills, most of the jewelry industry inherits very primitive traditional skills, combined with the current craftsmanship, to produce exquisite jewelry. Jewelry is very much used by handicrafts. Most of them need to use the method of gemstone inlaying. Gemstone jewelry needs the process of inlaying to be completely produced. Next, I will introduce the methods of gem setting.
There are many methods of gem setting, among which the main common ones are bezel setting, prong setting, public prong setting, card setting, wall setting and pavé setting. The firm and traditional setting method is mainly bezel setting. The gemstone is sealed in the metal holder with a metal edge, and then fixed with precious metal to prevent it from falling off. Let the gems bloom their brilliance to a great extent. This setting method is called claw setting. Using metal claws to control the gemstones, the metal will rarely block the gemstones, allowing the gemstones to reveal their light. The public prong setting is the same as the prong setting, except that the public prong setting is more suitable for slightly smaller gemstones. Secondly, the setting method suitable for smaller gemstones is wall setting, which sets the gemstone in the groove of the metal bracket. . The fashionable and novel setting method is the card setting, which uses tension to fix the gemstone without blocking the upper and lower sides. The gemstone is full of light and full of personality, and is chosen by many young people. Pavé setting is suitable for jewelry whose size is less than three millimeters. It uses dense small nails to fix the gems, which can be round or long. The main highlight is the large bright surface of the gemstone, showing its style. .
There are various ways of setting gemstones. What kind of gemstone jewelry to choose, appearance or type, has its own characteristics and uses. Each method can interpret a style. Because of the setting, gemstones can also have different expressions.

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