Material of Ring Setting


There are three popular diamond setting materials on the market: platinum, 18k gold, and palladium.
1. Platinum (Platinum, referred to as Pt)
A natural pure white precious metal with pure, rare and timeless qualities. Platinum is the rarest precious metal in the world, 30 times rarer than gold. platinum inlay
A diamond is the perfect match, it holds the diamond firmly and maximizes its brilliance.
Eternal and pure platinum is also considered the best token of eternal love, always reminding lovers of the eternal commitment between lovers. Based on these advantages, platinum has always been the top
The preferred inlay material for jewelry brands, the classic Tiffany & Co. six-prong inlaid diamond ring setting is made of platinum.
2. 18k gold
The reason why many people do not accept 18K gold is mainly because of its low purity (including 75% gold), but since it is a diamond ring, the main price is on the diamond, the gold content is not a problem at all, the safety of the diamond is the most important, 18K inlay is the most important. Safe for diamonds.
One of the characteristics of K gold (K white, K color, K yellow) gold is its softness, so it is difficult to set various exquisite styles, especially when pearls, gems and jadeites are easily lost. Therefore, people add a small amount of silver, copper, zinc and other metals to gold to increase the strength and toughness of gold, and the gold jewelry made in this way is also called K gold. However, k gold tends to turn yellow after wearing it for a long time, so it needs frequent maintenance.
3. Palladium
Palladium as a rare white precious gold Palladium is one of the rare precious metals in the world. Palladium, platinum, gold and silver are the same as the international precious metal spot and futures trading varieties, and historically it was once higher than the price of platinum. Palladium is a non-renewable and scarce resource, and its future value will gradually be reflected with the continuous mining and increasing market demand.

Its unique temperament has attracted global attention. It inherits the ever-evolving decorative style and is becoming the new favorite of the new palladium generation. Disadvantages: It is easy to drop the drill, and there are scratches. It needs to be polished after wearing it for a long time.

Diamond Semi Mounts

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